something more

E9D00920-D423-47BB-BBB2-F67BBB4B99DFI seem to be more
When I have nothing.

It comes and goes in waves
A tiring ebb and flow.

Still I have this drive
And a hunger deep down.

It radiates out of me
Like a great, mad monster.

Taking over my physical being
When the being seems no more.

It’s numb to the world
And is feeling all in the same.

No external force can get me
For the monster makes it okay;



Tom Petty, R.I.P.

C00F5080-2BD0-457A-89EF-60D410ED3B03“Tom Petty is classic country”
That’s what the girl said
In my English class
The day he died.

They don’t know anything
These kids
Seeking higher education
Without feeling the high
Of true classic rock.

“Are you kidding me?!”
All I could respond.
All of this commotion;
Because the professor
Wanted to play
His late, great tunes.

So they rang out
Over the class
“This song is a banger!”
That’s what the dude said
When “Them Indiana Boys
On them Indiana nights”
Hit his uncultured ears.

“My dad loves him!”
“My mom’s childhood crush”
“Wow, the oldies!”
“What did he sing again?!”
Questions and statements
Around the room.

If only we could see
The happenings in
That basement of his
That’s now shrouded
By time
And the lack of true education
To the generation of now.

R.I.P Tom Petty

Rocket Man

IMG_8284The world was supposed to
Today at midnight,
September 23,

Here I stand in the
A pint of whiskey,
And our psychedelic

The stars are so
Unlike the men who reach
With a wish in their

Yet, I must sit here and
Their wishes of the impossible
Seem a lot easier to

You’re so out of reach,
There seems to be no
Ladder or rocket to get me to


IMG_8064.JPGThis physical vessel
Breaks now,
Like the soul

These bones heal
My medicine,
Was always you

And not all of these
Liquid antidotes
Can aid me

Like the taste of
Your lips,
Or beautiful soul


Dog Daze

IMG_7517I’m a dog chasing cars
What would I do…
If I caught one?
These four pads
Never breaking
for The four rubbers
And red lights ahead

Down narrowing boulevards
Tightening like the leash
On the hand of man
That I’m at at the end of
The end of my rope
Writhing in a grass patch
Longing for the porch
And yearning for the woods

Always there has been
A ringing in my right ear
And the nagging of the world
In the other
My matted hair
Doesn’t deflect the ache
And the ache is only just enough
To send my snout to the dirt
With the shit
And something that smells
Like death

This wagging tongue of mine
Produces no sound
See, it Barks and snarles
Well it tries.
A gnarled tail dragging
Padfooting toward the dregs

I’ve spent my time in the gutter
With the soot and rain
With the spent marlboros
And That spider so far up the spout

But listen, the trickling sounds
They’re numbing
Blocking out the noises
Of screeching rubber
And the dealings of man

I get my teeth out just for me
That ironic smile
Or a smile of sorts
As the boys in blue
Sinch a cable around my neck
And carry me off
To what my race calls…the end


IMG_7342.JPGMy bulb
Flickering off and on
As the wattage flees
As the filaments snap

A metaphor you see
For my mind; my brain
Open to everything
And closed to the same

The only time I could see
Was in her electric glow
Lost in those power-line limbs
Wrapping around my bones
Leaving me in a state of shock
A defibrillated corpse
Shattered on a linoleum floor

The energy in those fangs
Flashing those rays
And sinking into me
Every time I got screwed
My bulb in reality
Coming more and more out
Of its socket
No matter how hard I fought
She always kept me